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Progress Report on Joyce Mwewa

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Joyce Mwewa was the first woman farmer to take advantage of a special finance offer for 2-wheel tractors (2WT). Joyce uses the 2WT for cultivating her fields, previously having used animal draft power for this task.

Impact of leasing the two-wheel tractor

Signing a lease with AgLeaseCo has positively changed Joyce’s plans and attitude towards farming. She wants to grow the farming business and has moved away from the traditional farming of one crop. She is now planting maize, soya, groundnuts and egg plants and has furthermore decided to plant pumpkins and watermelons for sale whereas before she only grew these for home consumption. Joyce already has plans to lease more equipment for the 2WT such as a trailer, ripper, boom sprayer and planter. Three of Joyce’s children have moved back to work on the farm making this a family business! In addition, many of Joyce’s neighbours have taken inspiration from her by becoming customers of AgLeaseCo in their own rights.

Joyce and family


Bush clearing by cutting trees
Same place manually ploughed because of stumps

Leasing the tractor has allowed Joyce to plant her crops at the optimum time and has removed her previous need to find cattle to use for cultivating her land. She fully expects to enjoy higher yields because of this.

The germinated maize field
With Peter and Chinso from AgLeaseCo
A new farm building to store the 2WT and produce for retail when the prices improve after harvest.

Joyce was the first woman farmer to lease a 2-wheel tractor with AgLeaseCo but there have been many, many more since then!